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Meredith Thomas Philosophy 211 April 12, 2010 Re-Write A Defense for Human Life Abortion is a very common issue that, on all sides, evokes very strong feelings and passionate debates. As there are two positions regarding this issue, pro-life and pro-choice, Judith Jarvis Thomson approaches this subject weighing the opinions of both sides. In her composition, A Defense of Abortion, Thomson takes her position as a pro-choice supporter and defends a woman’s right to an abortion. I argue, however, that Thomson’s disputations are incorrect, and a female’s resort to an abortion is an unethical and selfish choice. Thomson’s contention on abortion with the example of the violinist is faulty because it is irrelevant to a woman that becomes pregnant. In her example the “victim” had no way to prevent her circumstance, but in a real-life instance a woman that participates in sexual activity knows that pregnancy is a possible result of these actions. There are numerous ways to prevent a pregnancy with the use of contraception if a woman does choose to partake in sexual intercourse. Thomson furthers her example with the violinist and asks the reader to consider the issue of abortion in a rape case. She states, “Unborn persons whose existence is due to rape have no right to the use of their mothers’ bodies, and thus that aborting them is not depriving them of anything they have a right to and hence is not unjust killing.” Pro-life supporters can dispute this perception with the knowledge that there is proper medical care available that can ensure a rape
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philosophy paper1 - M eredith Thomas Philosophy 211 April...

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