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Meredith Thomas Cultural Event #1 Step Show At the old colonial center, a step show was held towards the end of homecoming week. All week fraternities and sororities worked to put on dances, art shows, and other events. This event was put on by the African American organizations around campus and the black fraternities and sororities. The hosts were two African American students who were very fun to watch and listen to. This event allowed everyone to see how this culture can dance and celebrate and have a great time. A lot of the organizations had different acts with their stepping, chanting, and dancing. The stomping was very neat to watch because the beats were complicated but very interesting. All throughout the performances the black fraternities and sororities sat down front and most would get up and dance and sing and yell along with the acts. This was fun and
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Unformatted text preview: interesting because I was use to just sitting there and watching performances because that is what usually goes on at events. When the white fraternities and sororities were called out some would just stand up or cheer and clap. However, when it was time for the black fraternities and sororities to have their name called they would each stand up and give a very loud and unique cheer or stomp. These organizations worked very hard to put on this event in order to show how their culture celebrates. It was so fun to watch how these organizations behave because it was so different for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this event because I learned a lot about these different organizations and was able to appreciate them much more....
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