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Meredith Thomas Cultural Event #2 USC Dance Performance The University of South Carolina Dance Company put on a dance show at the Koger Center. This performance was “Journey Through the Classics,” and allowed me to watch a beautiful performance put on my these talented dancers. Before this show, I did not know much about ballet. I had been to a few performances as a child but nothing like what I saw during this event. This show had dances that ranged from the old type of dances to comtemporary jazz. It was very fun to see how dancing had changed over the years. The music was very fun to listen to also. Sometimes during the dance, the musician would be on stage with the dancers as well such as a violin player. Like the dances and choreography, the music also ranged in years with the old timey selections along with pop music from today’s society.
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Unformatted text preview: This event allowed me to appreciate how much work is put into putting on a performace. It was obvious that the dancers and directors worked very hard to get the steps perfect along with set and costumes. I was amazed at how well the performers could dance and how graceful they were. Also before seeing this event I thought that all ballets told a story. However, I learned that not all dances and ballets told a story they can just have different acts and selections that do not fit together at all. The overall event was beautiful and educational because it allowed me to learn a lot about the dancing culture at the University of South Carolina. I hope that I will be able to see another performance because I enjoyed this one so much....
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