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An Unconventional Love Story

An Unconventional Love Story - Meredith Thomas Professor...

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Meredith Thomas Professor Orr English 102, 004 28 July 2009 An Unconventional Love Story A short-short story is one that has less than fifteen-hundred words. Although Amanda Holzer’s story, Love and Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape , fits into this category, it does not follow the traditional conventions of a short-short story. This innovative fiction does not rely upon conventional characters, conflicts, plots, or other standard elements of literature (Madden). Though this piece is only a compilation of song titles, or a mix tape (Mixed Tape), the author successfully and meaningfully conveys a story. The list of song titles featured in this piece of literature is compiled in a way that tells the story of a person looking for love. The character starts out alone and this is stated by Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” The songs take the reader through his or her journey with the person that he or she meets. The couple in the story meet, begin dating, and as the song title says, they fall “Head Over Heels” in love. A wedding takes place but problems shortly follow in the
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