Levin- argument paper

Levin- argument paper - Michael Levin presents that...

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Michael Levin presents that homosexuality is unfulfilling in his composition “Why Homosexuality is Abnormal.” Levin defends the argument that homosexuality is a misuse of body parts, but does not attempt to claim a moral or religious wrongdoing. He claims that by choosing to engage in such abnormal acts, unhappiness will follow. I believe that you make your own choices to become happy, and if you do so by engaging in homosexual acts, then so be it. Happiness is a state of mind, which only a person them self can control. Although I do agree that our bodies were made certain ways for a reason, I disagree with the argument that homosexuality eventually leads to unhappiness strictly on these presumptions. An analogy presented by Levin presents that the misuse of body parts during homosexuality is equivalent to a man named Mr. Jones who pulls out his teeth to wear as a necklace. In destructing his own mouth in such ways, Mr. Jones will soon sacrifice his gums and digestive health. One might argue that the analogy presented does not defend the conclusion
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Levin- argument paper - Michael Levin presents that...

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