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Lauren Rogers Mrs. Goings UNIV 101 6 April 2009 Reaction Paper Will and I worked well together and understood each other, which made accomplishing the project very easy. Every time we worked on the project, both of us put forth effort and completed the project together. It was not just one person doing all the work. We assigned different tasks to each person. I did the first and final draft of the power point and I called my father and finished the interview. Will looked over the power point, recorded the times and what we did during those times, and he wrote the report of the project. There was no lacking on one
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Unformatted text preview: side and I believe we worked well together. The other projects were also good, although different groups were better than others. I thought that Brian and Brianna’s project was the best, while Jay and Renee’s project was the worst. I did feel as though Renee did put in some hard work and it is not her fault that she was stuck with a lazy partner that does not care about his grade for the project. Besides that one project, I thought everyone did fairly well. A person could certainly tell that most people worked very hard on their projects....
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