Electronic Motorcycle

Electronic Motorcycle - Figure 1 2 After the battery was...

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ELCT 101 Laboratory report #1 Tronix.ix 1 Lesson 20 “Electronic Motorcycle” Experiment Conducted 11/18/08 Meredith Thomas Department of Electrical Engineering University of South Carolina Columbia, SC 29208
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B 1 S p e a k e r C1 10uF Q1 NPN 2N3904 C B E Q2 PNP 2N3906 B C E R2 100K ohms R1 3300 ohms 9 - V o l t s I. Introduction The objective of this experiment was to build a circuit that sounds like a motorcycle and observe current oscillation. This experiment required us to build a two-transistor oscillator with resistors and a capacitor that cause the approximate sound of a two-cycle engine. II. Materials Materials Breadboard 3300 ohm resistor 2N3904 NPN Transistor 2N3906 PNP Transistor Potentiometer 10uf Capacitor 9-volt battery Speaker III. Experiment 1. We used the materials to construct the circuit below in figure 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Figure 1 2. After the battery was connected we observed the sound coming from the speaker. There was the sound of a two cycle motor running. As we turned the potentiometer the sound from the speaker seemed like the motor was running harder or softer; this was dependent on the direction that we turned it. The circuit was successfully built in one attempt. IV. Conclusion The experiment revealed that a transistor oscillator is a circuit that generates a changing current; the current has a wave form. The noise from the speaker was the indication of changing current. The NPN, PNP transistor, the battery, and the capacitor are the cause of the oscillation. It revealed that the values of the resistors and capacitor cause change in frequency....
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Electronic Motorcycle - Figure 1 2 After the battery was...

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