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dorm room - The desk area in the dorms is small and not...

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Meredith Thomas Freshman Dorms Moving into a dorm freshman year of college takes a little getting used to. Going from a private room and bath to sharing everything is very hard. It does not make it any easier when the living accommodations are cramp, there is no room for work, or it is near impossible to sign in guests. The McClintock dormitories at the University of South Carolina are very old. It’s obvious when almost everything in the room is broken and needs repair. It is not comforting when on move in day the drawers are broken, the latch on the cabinet is missing, and the lights are burnt out. It only gets worse from there. A few days later water starts pouring out of the air conditioner. The mirror in the room is behind a closed cabinet that won’t stay open on its own, and the light above the mirror will come on only after holding the button for about 30 seconds. Maintenance is called to the building everyday to fix something else that is broken in the rooms.
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Unformatted text preview: The desk area in the dorms is small and not well thought out. The chairs come all the way back to the cabinets so you can not open the doors unless you move the chairs. The table top of the desk is just a flat surface coming out of the wall with no drawers or anything to put supplies in. They are so small if a computer sits on it that’s about all there is room for. The internet in the dorms is not wireless, and there are hardly any plugs. In order to sign in guests into the dorm a id of both people is needed along with a phone number. Guests cannot stay past 2 and they have to be escorted down and out any time of the day. If someone forgets their card they cannot be let into their room to go get it. Although the location of the dorms is perfect, the age and size of the dorms is terrible. Getting used to the small rooms with the broken things is going to be very hard. It would be wonderful if only USC let freshmen live off campus....
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dorm room - The desk area in the dorms is small and not...

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