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miley cyrus final - Meredith Thomas October 8, 2008 Final...

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October 8, 2008 Final Draft Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot Controversy Miley Cyrus is the newest pop star sensation that has taken the music industry by storm. Millions of girls look up to the fifteen year old artist who stars in her own television show, has multi-platinum albums, and continues to sell out concerts. At a recent Vanity Fair photo shoot, Miley posed for pictures under Anne Leibovitz that led to disappointment amongst her fans. The photos are dark and grey whereas Miley is usually colorful and bubbly. She positions her body in the image to communicate her feelings of confusion. The picture represents Miley as a young innocent girl struggling to figure out herself as an artist. The dim coloring of the photo contrasts Miley’s normally vivacious, bright character. The pictures are dark and grey which gives them a more mysterious look. On her television show, Miley is colorful and bright, but she purposely chose to drop this image in the photos. Miley darkened her eyes and chose an all grey backdrop as if to appear older and more complex. A few months prior to the photo shoot, Miley had a difficult, public break up with fellow Disney Channel star Nick Jonas. After their relationship was over, Miley dyed her naturally light brown hair to the dark, jet black shade that it is in the photos. Nick always told her how much he loved her beautiful brown hair, so dying it was her form of rebellion against him. The messiness of her
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miley cyrus final - Meredith Thomas October 8, 2008 Final...

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