midterm u 101 - Meredith Thomas University 101 Midterm 1...

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Meredith Thomas University 101- Midterm 1. What personal attribute of Paul Farmer’s do you most admire and why? Paul Farmer’s determination is the quality I most admire. His willingness to do anything to help those in need is apparent throughout the book. This quality is what led his journey and allowed him to help so many that he did. When he stopped to help people, he did whatever he could to help them. Farmer would bend the rules whenever he felt he needed to in order to help the people. He was sympathetic and knew what to do to provide the best help for them. In addition to the medical help he provided, he also would listen to the patients and take care of any financial issues that occurred. Although some of the other doctors working with him judged some of his decisions, he continued to break rules in order to provide what was best for the patients. Farmer felt “if the patient does not get better, it is your fault” and that is how he lived. He believed it was his personal responsibility to help the poor and so he stopped at nothing to do so. I admire his determination because not many people will do anything and everything it takes in order to accomplish the goals that are so important to them. Farmer, however, fell in love with his patients and therefore knew what he needed to do and what it would take to
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midterm u 101 - Meredith Thomas University 101 Midterm 1...

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