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Nadiwrka Feliz Deborah M Clark April. 28, 2010 1. Define the meaning of the term Marriage. Marriage is an institution that societies have created to enable individuals to place themselves under an obligation to act in particular way. Is like any other duty that arises from a contract, and unlike the duties that arise from, say, the moral obligation not to injure or harm others 1a. Judge Bok, Theorized, what about marriage? Judge James Bok remark that ‘marriage is not only a contract but a status and kind of fealty to the State as well’. Rejecting the position of one of his colleagues who had theorized that marriage is no more than a civil contract, he mean that a marriage bargain entails consequences the two parties cannot control, even by their mutual assent. 1b. German philosopher Immanuel Kant regarded marriage as ? A voluntary agreement between a man and woman, but he did not believe that producing and educating children was a necessary part of marriage, Instead , marriage is ‘ the union of two persons of different sex for life-long reciprocal possession of their sexual faculties.” 1c. Michael Bayle’s contemporary defense of monogamous marriage is ? That the traditional position that the institution of marriage promotes society’s interest and responsibility with respect to procreation and rearing of children, however he also provides a defense that was not note by philosophers of the seventeen and eighteen centuries, he argues that marriage is unique in promoting the most valuable of all human relationships, those that are based on intimacy and affection. 2. John Locke felt that marriage was a least a contract. True or False 2a. Locke define marriage as what? Locke define marriage as a moral, not legal, relationship and one whose terms are thus not to be thought of as constrained by any particular legal or other rules or conventions.
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Nadiwrka Feliz Deborah M Clark 2b .What did Locke feel the purpose of conjugal society is? Locke tells us that ‘conjugal society [that is a marriage] is made by voluntary compact between man and woman, which is also a status. He also stipulates that the purpose of marriage is ‘such a communion and right in one another’s bodies as is necessary to its chief and, procreation, people that are marriage cannot escape the duty to provide for any offspring of their union. 2c. Locke further feels that voluntary agreements or understanding do
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Ethics and family - Ethics & Family Nadiwrka Feliz...

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