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1 A CCT 3583 M ANAGEMENT A CCOUNTING 2 S ESSION 2, 2011 S EMINAR T OPIC 1 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT : OPPORTUNITIES , THREATS , INDUSTRY COMPETITION AND COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS One of the primary objectives of this course is to introduce students to the concept of stakeholder value management. Strategic decisions are complex in nature and made in situations of uncertainty. To cope with this complexity and uncertainty, it is wise to use frameworks of environmental analysis. These frameworks do not provide answers or categorical conclusions. Instead, they help us to think about the future and to challenge extant views that we may have about organisational functioning. Week 1 is devoted to understanding the environment of an organisation. It is important to have the ability to sense changes in the environment because these changes may offer opportunities to be leveraged and threats to be overcome, signalling the possible need to change the ways in which an organisation’s resources are acquired and deployed. We will
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Topic1 ExternalEnvironment_StudentQuestions_2011 - ACCT3583...

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