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Fall 2011 491a/529a Advanced Game Production Syllabus 1 Advanced Game Projects Professors: Laird Malamed Scott Easley Mike Zyda USC School of Cinematic Arts USC Viterbi School of Engineering USC Viterbi School of Engineering [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (310) 903-0886 (310) 351-7509 (310) 463 5774 Student Assistant: Balakrishnan (Balki) Ranganathan [email protected] (310) 926-5720 Meeting Information: Lecture/Lab (all students attend): Thursdays 3:30-6:50 pm Where: RTH 321 Course Description: CTIN/CSCI 491a and 529a is the first semester of the two-semester advanced game project class administered collaboratively by the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Students bring their individual talents as designers, programmers, artists, writers, composers, producers, etc. together in cross-disciplinary teams. Mentors from industry and the faculty are integrated into the process from the start. Teams that need 3D art assets have access to additional student resources from the CSCI 281 Pipelines for Games class. The deliverables created during the Fall semester are the foundation for materials to be polished in the Spring semester (e.g. 491b/529b). Seven projects have been chosen by a rigorous selection process to be produce in this class. For 2011, these seven projects are: 1. Blink - Mihir Sheth (lead) 2. Combiform - Edmond Yee (lead) 3. Benjamin Salisbury and the Clockwork Zombies - Anthony Ghavami (lead) 4. Tales from the Minus Lab – Lead TDB 5. Forest Walker - Eshan Mathur (lead) 6. In Memory - Aaron Martin (lead) 7. Nevermind – Erin Reynolds (lead)
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Fall 2011 491a/529a Advanced Game Production Syllabus 2 The main course goal is to develop a playable level demonstration of the core design and the approved scoped features for the game. This game should be installable, intuitive and functional so that a player can pick up and play. Deliverables are: -Game Design Document (at the mid-term class) -Final Playable Game level exe -Zipped project on server -Installer (if applicable) -Project Properly Organized on Server Directory -Game Poster (must have screenshots of gameplay) -10 Screenshots: Focusing on different stages or features -Gameplay Video – edited -Marketing website -Demo at USC GamePipe Demo Day Stretch goals are: -Marketing trailer -In-game cinematics/story telling elements -Product box Profs Malamed, Easley, and Zyda will each be available for all seven projects but will have special focus on two-three projects each as follows: Zyda: Zombies & In Memory Easley: Minus Lab & Forest Walker Malamed: Nevermind, Blink & Combiform During class, each individual on the team must be prepared to discuss his/her work from the previous week. The team leader and producer on the team will give each student (including themselves) a new individualized assignment for the coming week. All assignments will be posted in writing on the project
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CTIN_CSCI_491a_529a_Syllabus_Fall_2011 - Advanced Game...

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