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INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY ACHM 101 Fall 2011 (4 credits) Instructor: Dr. Gary Mills e-mail: phone: (803) 725-5368 (work -day) (803) 270-3163 (cell) Office : Room 305 Science Building Office hours: You can contact me by e-mail or call my cell # . Since I work at the University of Georgia s Savannah River Ecology Lab at the SRS, I will generally be available for meetings only in the late afternoon. In some cases, I may be able to meet with you early in the morning (i.e., 8-9 am). Please make an appointment. Text : Basic Chemistry (Catalyst Custom 3rd Ed. by Timberlake and Timberlake (with Mastering Chemistry) Lab Manual: ACHM Lab Manual by USCA Chemistry Faculty 2011 ( Do not buy a used manual ). Calculator: Scientific calculator capable of performing scientific notation, logarithms and exponents. Class handouts & PowerPoint lecture slides will be available on Blackboard. Recommended: Attendance: Attendance at all class meetings is expected, though excused absences are understandable. However, just as class participation/preparation will be used to help determine borderline grades, regular attendance will be looked upon favorably at the end of the semester. Portable Electronic Devices: The use of any portable electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers,MP3 players, iPods, etc., during class is not allowed for any reason unless prior approval has been given to a student from the instructor or unless required for the course. If you are planning to have any of these devices in class, they must be turned off and stowed away for the duration of the class period . If a student is seen touching, holding, or using any portable electronic device during a test period without the prior consent of the instructor, the instructor will assume that the student is cheating and the test will be recovered and a 0 may be given to that student for the assignment. A full description of this policy
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