ACHM101-Monty - USC Aiken Fall, 2011 INTRODUCTION TO...

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USC Aiken INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY Dr. M. Fetterolf Fall, 2011 ACHM 101 SBDG 300 LECTURE: (Sections 5 & 6): T Th 12:15 – 1:30PM SBDG 200 LAB: (Section 5) Æ T 1:40 – 4:30PM SBDG 301 & 319 (Section 6) Æ T 6:00 – 8:40PM SBDG 200 & 315 Mr. Jerry Oxsher Ms. Joanne Morton OFFICE HOURS: M – F 10:00 – 11:00AM And by appointment and availability. ACHM 101 – Introduction to Chemistry. (4) (Prerequisite – Completion of, placement beyond, or co-enrollment in AMTH 108.) This course is an introduction to the principles and vocabulary of chemistry appropriate for those in the health sciences or for general education. It is not intended for those majoring in engineering, the natural sciences, or math/computer science. It consists of three lecture hours and three lab hours per week. Cell Phones, IPods, Blackberrys, and laptop computers are not allowed to be on in my class at any time. If this rule is broken during an exam, I will be forced to assume you are or have been cheating. If you are an emergency contact, your cell phone may be left on in the silent mode but may not be out of purse or pocket. During exams it can remain on my desk. Thanks. ATTENDANCE – University and departmental guidelines apply. You can only miss 25% of the lecture sessions, regardless of the reason, to pass the class. If a student has more than four (4) unexcused absences in lecture or two unexcused absences in lab, a loss of one letter grade penalty will result. Roll will be taken in lecture and lab sessions through exams, quizzes, lab pages, and class roster sheets. Excused absences must be verified with a doctor’s note, note from a family member that includes a telephone number for verification, or a business note. Excused absences may be made up at my discretion only. See me as soon after your absence as possible with your excuse in hand. Email me ahead of time if at all possible. TEXTBOOKS – Basic Chemistry rd Ed.; Prentice Hall, 2011. ACHM 101 Lab Manual by USCA Chemistry Faculty, 2011. Please see me for more information about study guides and other materials. CLASS & LAB REQUIREMENTS – Scientific Calculator (A simple, inexpensive scientific calculator is a minimum.) For Lab: Closed-toe shoes, long pants, and an old long-sleeved shirt. Approved goggles, protective gloves, and cleaning accessories are supplied by the department. Goggles must be worn at all times in lab . COURSE OBJECTIVES – The introduction of chemical topics such as 1) the nature and states of matter, 2) stoichiometry (chemical algebra) of reactions, 3) atomic and molecular structure and properties, 4) atomic periodicity and 5) properties of gases, solids, liquids and colloids and 6) ions and solutions are main objectives. The course will try to kindle a curiosity about chemistry and the way in which chemistry overlaps with health
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ACHM101-Monty - USC Aiken Fall, 2011 INTRODUCTION TO...

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