ACHM541 - USC Aiken Fall 2011 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ACHM 541...

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USC Aiken PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ACHM 541 Dr. M. Fetterolf Fall, 2011 SBDG 300 LECTURE MWF 9:00 – 9:50AM SBDG 325 OFFICE HOURS M – F 10:00 – 11:00AM All other times are subject to my availability. Please see my posted schedule on my office door. I know in PChem it is important to have your questions answered as they arise. I usually have time to help unless I am preparing for a class, lab or meeting. I will also be available at home by phone (not too early or late) or email. Please contact me with your PChem questions or if you will be missing a lecture or lab. REQUIRED MATERIALS Physical Chemistry , 9 th Edition; Atkins and de Paula, Freeman, 2010. Student Solutions Manual ; Atkins, Trapp, Cady & Giunta, Freeman, 2010. Survival Guide for Physical Chemistry , Michelle Francl; Physics Curriculum&Instruction, 2001. Routine access to Blackboard through VIP and a scientific calculator with which you are familiar. HOMEWORK PROBLEM SETS Homework exercises and problems, to practice and apply skills, will be distributed for each exam period and a due date will be assigned. Any homework assignment turned in after that date will receive a 50% point penalty. After the homework key is posted, which is never more that two days after the due date, late homework sets will not be accepted for grading and no points will be received for that set. Please turn in whatever homework you have done by the due date and then finish what you can afterwards. It is more advantageous to do so in the long run. The assignments will come from other texts books and will be appropriate for the material we are covering. The required Student Solutions Manual contains worked out solutions to half of the problems located at the end of each chapter in the text. This, the examples throughout the text, and lab work will provide a guide for solving homework problems. You will need to use whatever skills you have acquired from the lecture, the lab and the text to design solutions to the homework problems. The homework assignments are to be considered small take-home exams and your work with other students should be limited to initial consultation only. If I see any evidence of greater interaction, no credit will be received for that homework problem set by each of the collaborators. The homework problem set key will be available on the web site in time to study for the upcoming exam. The text by Francl is an excellent review of the mathematics required for all aspects of chemistry, not just this course. There are also study tips and suggestions for being successful in a physical chemistry course. Please become familiar with this book and use it as needed. I will present several applications of
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ACHM541 - USC Aiken Fall 2011 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ACHM 541...

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