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USC Aiken PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LAB ACHM 541L Dr. M. Fetterolf Fall, 2011 A Writing Intensive Course SBDG 300 LAB: Th 1:40 – 4:30PM SBDG 316 OFFICE HOURS: See lecture class syllabus. TEXT & REQUIRED MATERIALS The USCA Physical Chemistry Lab Manual is required and may be purchased in the bookstore. Not only are lab exercises included, but so are help sheets, data analysis routines and instrument guides. Reference material such as old PChem texts, instrument manuals, etc. are available in the lab and can be checked out or read during appropriate times during lab or through the week. Reference handbooks are available in lab only and not available for checkout. As junior chemistry majors, the resources of SBDG 315 & 319 are available to you. You will have access, except between the hours of 11PM and 6AM, to those computers, printers, etc. to prepare for lab work or finish lab reports. (The PacerPrint Program is in place.) The use of these facilities is subject to the guidelines posted in SBDG 315 and you will lose your late access privileges if these guidelines are not followed. No actual lab bench work is to be done outside of official lab hours without authorization. A lab notebook with copy sheets, long pants, shoes, and your calculator are required items as well . CONTENT You must review the specific information for each experiment before coming to lab. All lab reports due during the semester will be generated on computer. I assume that word processing and spreadsheet manipulation are skills most of you have already. If not please let me know. The campus supports Microsoft WORD and EXCEL and I can provide some assistance with them. Your own software is fine but I may not be able to help. I have a spreadsheet exercise that you can try if your skills in that area are not too strong. As Mathcad or some other calculation software becomes a comfortable tool for you, please feel free to work with it for your lab reports. Software called
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