ACHM321 - Quantitative Analysis ACHM 321 Fall 2011, 3...

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Quantitative Analysis ACHM 321 Fall 2011, 3 credit hours Dr. C. L. Leverette Department of Chemistry and Physics SBDG 312, 803-641-3291 University of South Carolina Aiken Lecture and Lab: MWF 12:00 AM— 12:50 PM, SBDG 325 Office Hours: MW 10:00-10:50 AM and by appointment. * *Please feel free to call or e-mail me when needed. In addition, my appointment schedule is very flexible. Therefore, if the office hours stated above do not fit into your schedule, we can set up a time that is convenient for you. Prerequisite: ACHM 112 Corequisite: ACHM 321L (taught by Mr. Bill Perella, Lab Instructor) Required materials: Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 8th Edition, by Daniel C. Harris ACHM 321: Quantitative Analysis: “Leverette’s Lecture Notebook” , Fall 2011, Version I Scientific calculator (capable of log, scientific notation, square root, n th root, and exponents) *Although the text for the course is Quantitative Chemical Analysis , the lectures will consist of information pulled from a variety of sources. The assigned homework problems will come from the text. My plan for us is to work straight through the book covering the material in the order Harris suggests. This should allow you to follow along with the text as I lecture. This text is an easy read so I expect students to read the chapters that we cover as we are going through the material. Success in the course is achieved by taking excellent notes, reading the text/assigned readings to reinforce what we do in class, reviewing the material each day , and practicing the problems . Course Objectives: Quantitative analysis is an introduction course into the field of analytical chemistry. The goals of this course, as stated in the Programs Bulletin , are to provide practice of volumetric and gravimetric analysis with exposure to spectroscopic, chromatographic, and electrochemical methods. Beyond these basics, my personal goal is to provide you with the answer to the question, “What is analytical chemistry?” I hope that you will see analytical chemistry as the “measurement science”, and how analytical chemistry impacts all forms of research, from medical applications to industrial product development. Modern day applications of this “measurement science” bridge the scientific fields of biochemistry, physical chemistry, biology, physics, and materials science. David Harvey, author of Modern Analytical Chemistry stated that “the craft of analytical chemistry is not in performing a routine analysis on a routine sample, but in improving established methods and techniques, extending methods to new types of samples, and developing new methods for measuring chemical phenomena.” In essence, analytical chemists are problem solvers. In this course, we will cover more traditional wet-
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ACHM321 - Quantitative Analysis ACHM 321 Fall 2011, 3...

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