ACHM321L - Quantitative Analysis Laboratory ACHM 321L Fall...

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Quantitative Analysis Laboratory ACHM 321L Fall 2011, 1 credit hours Mr. Bill Perella Department of Chemistry and Physics SBDG 305 University of South Carolina Aiken [email protected] Lab: T 1:40 PM—4:20 PM, SBDG 316 Office Hours: T 11:30 am – 12:30 pm and by appointment. * *Please feel free to e-mail me when needed. My appointment schedule is flexible. Therefore, if the office hours stated above do not fit into your schedule, we can set up a time that is convenient for you. Corequisite: ACHM 321 with Dr. Leverette Text and required materials: ACHM 321L: Quantitative Analysis Lab: “Leverette’s LAB Notebook”, Fall 2011, Version I Scientific calculator (capable of log, scientific notation, square root, n th root, and exponents) Safety Goggles (supplied by the Department) Required dress and conduct: No shorts Closed top shoes (absolutely no sandals or flip-flops) Must always wear safety goggles when in the lab. Long hair should be pulled back completely away from the face. Turn off cell phones while in lab. (unless the instructor has granted special permission.) No food or drink allowed in the lab. Failure to adhere to these or any other safety measures could lead to dismissal from the lab. You will not be able to make up the lab and you will receive a 0 for that lab. These rules are for your safety and the safety of your classmates. If you come to lab without the proper dress, you will be asked to leave until you change your clothes and/or shoes. In the event of an emergency, the appropriate emergency service and a faculty member must be notified immediately. I plan to be in lab with you at all times. Emergency x6111 Dr. Leverette x3291 Dr. Fetterolf x3378 Dr. Ruszczyk x3420 Course Objectives: ACHM 321L is designed to reinforce the key concepts learned in ACHM 321. In addition, the lab is designed to allow us to practice what we are learning. Chemistry is an
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experimental science and the lab is an integral part of your study. We will be doing labs that incorporate both non-instrumental and instrumental methods typically performed by analytical chemists. Accuracy and precision are “king” in this course, so your attention to detail is very important for you to be successful. Each written lab will outline the objectives and the procedures for each lab. You are expected to
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ACHM321L - Quantitative Analysis Laboratory ACHM 321L Fall...

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