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1 CHEMISTRY ACHM 331 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I Fall 2011 (3 Hrs.) COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Organic Chemistry including: Structure and Bonding, Acid-Base Theory, Resonance, Hydrocarbons: Saturated and Unsaturated, Functional groups of Organic Compounds, Nomenclature, Stereochemistry and Spectroscopy. Three lecture hours per week. MWF 10:00 - 10:50 a.m.; Auditorium SBDG 327 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. N. Choony, Office: 303 SBDG Telephone: 641-3409; email: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Mondays-Fridays 11:00 am -12:00 noon, or any other time by appointment. Messages may be left on my answering machine, on the notepad on my office door, or with the department secretary in 311 SBDG. REQUIRED MATERIALS: Text: Organic Chemistry, Third Edition and Student Study Guide/ Solutions Manual by Janice Gorzynski Smith. A model Kit and preparing your ACS examination in Organic Chemistry, the official guide, are highly recommended. PRE-REQUISITE: ACHM 112; a grade of "C" or better is strongly recommended. CO-REQUISITE: ACHM 331L: All regular degree seeking USCA students must be enrolled in the lecture and laboratory simultaneously. The only exception is someone who is repeating the lecture and has previously received credit for the laboratory. For any other exceptions, a student should petition the Scholastic Standings and Petitions Committee. GRADING: 4 Hour Exams, 150 points each 600 points 10 Weekly Homework Sets, 20 points each 200 points Final Exam (Cumulative over the semester) 200 points Total 1000 points A homework set will be assigned for every one or two chapters. The final grades will be assigned relative to the class average and typical performance in this course. The following is the grading scale. A 85 B + = 80 – 84 B = 75–79 C + = 70 – 74 C = 60–69 D + = 55– 59 D = 50–54 F < 50
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2 HOMEWORK: Homework problems will be assigned on line for each chapter. Each homework will have a time limit to complete and submit. After the deadline, the homework will no longer be available on line. Hence it is worth printing and keeping them for revision for the final exam. These should be worked after you have studied and learned the material from the notes, the power point slides and the textbook AND BY WORKING PROBLEMS IN THE TEXTBOOK. If you wait until the day before homework assignment is due to begin it, you may have difficulty finishing. Homework should be submitted on the designated day and time, whether you attend class or not (except for emergencies.) I expect you to call or email me as early as possible if you have a problem . After the due date and time, homework will be considered overdue and may be assessed a 50% late penalty (based on total points for the assignment). Exceptions will be made for legitimate emergencies on a case by case basis provided I receive prompt notification of the problem. Normally, prompt notification means a phone call or email to my office before the assignment is due. The HONOR CODE covers the exam.
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