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1 CHEMISTRY ACHM 331L - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY I Fall 2011 (1hr.) ACHM 331L: Laboratory safety, synthesis, separation, and purification of carbon compounds. Three laboratory hours per week. Sec. 001: Tuesday., 1:40 - 4:20 p.m.; Room 320 SBDG Sec. 002: Wednesday., 2:30 - 5:20 p.m.; Room 320 SBDG Sec. 004: Thursday., 9:25 - 12:05 noon: ; Room 320 SBDG (Mr. Bill) Sec. 003: Thursday., 1:40 - 4:20 p.m.; Room 320 SBDG (Mr. Bill) INSTRUCTOR: Dr. N. Choony, Office: 303 SBDG Telephone: 641-3409; Email: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS : Mondays-Fridays 11:00 am -12:00 noon or any other time by appointment. Messages may be left on my answering machine, on the notepad on my office door, or with the department secretary in 311 SBDG. REQUIRED MATERIALS: Lab Manual, top bound quadrille notebooks with carbonless duplicate pages, and "Sharpie Marker" are required and available in the bookstore. You may use your own safety goggles or those provided in the lab. CO-REQUISITE: For all USCA degree seeking students, ACHM 331L is a co requisite to ACHM 331. All regular degree seeking USCA students must be enrolled in the lecture and laboratory simultaneously. The only exception is someone who is repeating the lecture and has previously received credit for the laboratory. Although the laboratory is not required for engineering students planning to transfer to USC Columbia, it is strongly recommended. For any other exceptions, a student must petition the Scholastic Standings and Petitions Committee. COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course provides an introduction to the principles and practice in the organic chemistry laboratory including: Purification, separation, and identification of solid and liquid organic compounds, the illustration of various reaction types, and the application of these techniques and methods to the synthesis of a variety of compounds. Laboratory safety is emphasized. EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES:
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2 At the completion of the course, a student should be proficient with all the basic laboratory techniques covered in the course and should be able to use them in the synthesis and characterization of organic compounds. ATTENDANCE:
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