APHY101 - Introduction to Physical Science APHY101 Fall...

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Neil E. Miller Page 1 8/17/2011 Introduction to Physical Science APHY101 Fall 2011 Instructor : Neil E. Miller Email : neilm@usca.edu Office : Sciences 323 Office Hours : MW 9-11am, by appt. Office Phone : 641-3453 Laboratory : Mr. Stan Weisner Text : Conceptual Physics , Kinetic Books CD ( 0-9766865-0-3 ) Course website : http://web.usca.edu/chemistry/faculty/miller/index.dot Check your USCA email every day for possible updates from your instructor. Course Description An introduction to the concepts, ideas and methods of physical science for non-science majors. Particular emphasis is given to the principles of physics and chemistry and their application to our world. Course Objectives To learn and apply the concepts of introductory physics and chemistry through lecture, discussion and experimentation. To understand the scientific method - formation of a hypothesis, experimentation and analysis. To acquire a basic understanding of the use of mathematical symbols and equations to represent ideas and the ability to explain concepts in a mathematical manner. Course Evaluation Four exams and three available “re - exams” will be given during the semester. The “re - exams” are the same as Exams 1-3 but you are allowed to collaborate with others in your class and use any other resource (textbooks, notes, Internet, etc.). You must have more than 90% of the “re - exam” correct to receive additional points. If your “re - exam” has no errors then your exam score will be determined by score exam original 10 . The final exam is not cumulative it will only cover material after the third exam. The only reasons that a make-up exam would be given are (1) an illness/injury that is
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APHY101 - Introduction to Physical Science APHY101 Fall...

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