RSM 324h1f-2011 - Course Outline(1)

RSM 324h1f-2011 - Course Outline(1) - Course Outline RSM...

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RSM324H1F 1 Course Outline RSM 324 H1 F Canadian Income Taxation I Fall 2011 Course Meets Wednesdays: L0101 9-12 WO20 (Orzech); L0201 10-1 WW121 (Jakubowicz); L0301 11-2 WO35 (Orzech); L0401 4-7 WO35 (Douglas). Course coordinator: J. A. Kitunen, FCA. RT267. Instructor: Cara Orzech Off Campus E-Mail: Webpage: Phone: 416-323.7753 Office Hours: Wed (Time & Location TBA) Instructor: Dan Jakubowicz, CA. Off Campus E-Mail: Webpage: Phone: 416-424-4665 Office Hours: Wed (9 AM to 10 AM; WO 13) Instructor: Scott Douglas, CMA. Off Campus E-Mail: Webpage: Phone: 416-250-9766 Office Hours: Wed (Time & Location TBA) Course Scope and Mission This is the first of two courses in federal income tax law. It is designed to give a basic understanding of the Income Tax Act and its administration. This is achieved by applying the law to practical problems and cases. Topics covered include administration of the tax system, residence, employment income, business and property income, capital gains, other income and deductions, computation of taxable income and taxes payable for individuals. The GST/HST implications, where relevant, will also be discussed. After taking this course students are expected to be able to identify personal tax issues, use the Income Tax Act to determine the tax implications of the issues identified, analyse the alternatives, communicate the issues, tax implications, alternatives and recommendations.
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RSM324H1F 2 The two course sequence (RSM324 & RSM424) has been designed to provide participants with coverage of the tax content required by the professional accounting bodies. Course Prerequisites MGT 220H1/RSM 220H1 Required Materials 1) Canadian Income Taxation – Planning and Decision Making , 2011-2012 edition, by Buckwold/Kitunen, published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Included with the text is the CICA Federal Income Tax Collection on CD which includes an interactive version of the Income Tax Act (ITA) , Income Tax Regulations (ITR), Information Circulars, and Interpretation Bulletins (IT), together with a search function. Also included with the text is access to Profile , Intuit’s highly regarded professional tax preparation software. 2) The Practitioner's Income Tax Act , 40th edition, published by Carswell (Thomson Reuters). 3) Current Readings in Taxation. Readings will be assigned during the term with the objective of highlighting current discussions on topics covered in this course. Sources will include the Canadian Tax Journal & Conference Reports provided by the Canadian Tax foundation on TaxFind through E-Resources in the library, as well as newspaper and magazine articles posted on the portal. There will be a qualitative question on the midterm and/or final exam related to these readings. Supplemental Materials
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RSM 324h1f-2011 - Course Outline(1) - Course Outline RSM...

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