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ECO339Y Syllabus, 2011-2012, Page 1 ECO339Y ECONOMICS OF LABOUR University of Toronto 2011-2012 Instructors: First Semester Professor Michael Baker Office: 150 St. George Street, Room 238 Email: [email protected] Office hours (First Semester): Mondays, 10:00-12:00 Second Semester Professor Dwayne Benjamin Office: 150 St. George Street, Room 138 Email: [email protected] Office hours (Second Semester): TBA Teaching Assistants: TBA Course Objectives: The objective of this course is to use the tools from microeconomic theory and statistics to analyze peoples’ actions and interactions in the labour market, as well as the public policies that affect them. We investigate a wide variety of actions ranging from the decision to work or employ another person, through the decision to join a union, to the decision to discriminate against a person, or group of people. The public policies studied include (among others) programs to address poverty, regulate immigration, and promote the employment and wages of women and ethnic minorities. Throughout the course there is an emphasis on both theory and evidence. At its conclusion, you should be familiar with the broad empirical facts of the Canadian labour market, and have an understanding of the tools economists use to evaluate policy. Prerequisites: Intermediate Micro : ECO200Y1 / ECO204Y1 / ECO206Y1 ; Statistics : ECO220Y1 / ECO227Y1 /( STA247H1 , STA248H1 )/ ( STA250H1 , STA255H1 )/( STA257H1 , STA261H1) Exclusion: ECO239Y1 , ECO361Y5 The Department of Economics checks prerequisites in all economics courses, and students who do not have them will be removed from the course. Details on course prerequisites are available at: http:/ Students who wish to use a course completed at another institution or UTSC for prerequisite purposes must submit an official transcript from that institution to Ms. Robbie Innes (undergraduate Administrator) at the Department of Economics prior to enrolling.
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ECO339Y Syllabus, 2011-2012, Page 2 This course draws heavily on the material covered in ECO200Y/204Y/206Y and ECO220Y/227Y. Individuals who received grades of less than C- in these two courses will likely need to spend a considerable amount of time throughout the course reviewing this material. Time and Place: Tuesdays: 11:00am to 1:00pm, MP203 Fridays: 10:00am to 11:00am, MP102 We will make extensive use of the time slots on both days. Lectures are typically two hours per week in the Tuesday timeslot. The Friday time slot is used for a variety of purposes, including: extra lectures, reviewing answers to problem set questions, discussing term tests, and for preparation for the term paper (please see below).
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ECO339Y_Syllabus_2011(1) - ECO339Y ECONOMICS OF LABOUR...

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