NTC Feb 5 - Feb 5h 2010 Gene Cloning and Micro satellite...

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Feb 5 h 2010: Gene Cloning and Micro satellite Repeats Mircosatellite Repeats: Can be used as molecular markers for mapping Markers that we want to analyze are on the same chromosome, and both parents are going to be heterozygous for that specific marker of that specific length Red arrow is PCR primer Assuming that M’’ is the CA repeat that is linked to the disease Does not mean that it will cause the disease When the parents have children, those with M’’, have the disease Therefore to analyze you will have to know the primers outside the sequences of the CA repeats, which will be unique, and use the primers to amplify with PCR, put on electrophoresis gel and determine genotype Rapid way to detect a marker that is linked to disease The problem is that you need to know the sequence on each side Instead of doing normal RFLPS, you can just amplify using primers on each side of and RFLP, and just digest this DNA, and put it on a gel, which will take much less time Orange lines are primers, if the EcoRI site is mutated, you will only generate one band
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Allows you to rapidly analyse different genotype of many patients Need much less DNA Can we use that to identify people that may be sick? So are any of these linked to human disease? In the case of Huntington disease, we have neural generation, leading to pre- mature death All of the people that have one copy of the allele have the disease- dominant Late-onset As age increases, so does mortality Test has been created to tell the person that you will get the disease, but the problem that there is no cure or way to stop disease progression
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NTC Feb 5 - Feb 5h 2010 Gene Cloning and Micro satellite...

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