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Lecture Schedule - Fall 2009

Lecture Schedule - Fall 2009 - a reminder to students be...

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CHEMISTRY 183 (formerly 170) TENTATIVE LECTURE SCHEDULE FALL (2009) SEPT. 1 INTRODUCTION/DRUG HISTORY I SEPT. 8 DRUG HISTORY II/ PAIN RELIEVERS SEPT. 15 PLACEBO DEMONSTRATION I /PAIN/ANESTHETICS SEPT. 22 TOXICOLOGY SEPT. .29 PLACEBO DEMONSTRATION II/ ALLERGIES OCT. 5 MID TERM EXAM I (Monday), coverage to the end of Sept. 22 nd OCT. 6 STOMACH CHEMISTRY/ANTIBIOTICS OCT. 13 HEART CHEMISTRY/MENTAL ILLNESS I OCT. 20 MENTAL ILLNESS II/STREET DRUGS OCT. 27 HEADACHES/COLDS/CAFFEINE OCT. 29 MID TERM EXAM II, (Thursday) coverage to the end of Oct. 20 th NOV. 3 BRAIN CHEMISTRY/DIABETES NOV. 10 DRUG MARKETING/TOBACCO NOV. 17 HORMONES NOV. 24 LOVE CHEMISTRY In the event of a H1N1 flu pandemic situation, schedule problems may arise and the above information may have to be modified. The classes however will be available on the COOL recording system. Senate on January 29, 2003 approved the following resolution on academic integrity, which requires that
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Unformatted text preview: a reminder to students be printed on every course outline: Whereas, McGill University values academic integrity; Whereas, every term there are new students who register for the first time at McGill and who need to be informed about academic integrity; Whereas, it is beneficial to remind returning students about academic integrity; Be it resolved that instructors include the flowing statement on all course outlines: McGILL UNIVERSITY VALUES ACADEMIC INTERGRITY. THEREFORE ALL STUDENTS MUST UNDERSTAND THE MEANING AND CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING, PLAGIARISM AND OTHER ACADEMIC OFFENCES UNDER THE OCDE OF STUDENT CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINAR PROCEDURES (see www.mcgill.ca/integrity for more information)....
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