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Unformatted text preview: Name:__________________________ Principles of GIS GISC 4043 Lab #4- Building Geodatabases Chapter 14: Page 357-374 Lab Requirements: 1. Complete Lab Exercises 14a, 14b, 14c and save them as instructed in the book. 2. Answer the following questions. STEP 1: Copy the Chapter 14 folder from the R drive to your disk space. STEP 2: When you open ArcCatalog use the ‘ connect to folder’ icon to set your working directory 1. What are Geodatabases? (1) 2. What are three major advantages to using Geodatabases? (3) A. ability to store multiple feature classes B. ability to store labels as annotation C. ability to create domains for attributes 3. What is a domain and what is its advantage? (2) A domain establishes valid values or ranges of values for an attribute field. Its advantage is that it minimizes data entry mistakes by prohibiting invalid values. 4. How do you display the file extensions within the contents tab of ArcCatalog? (1) If you don’t see the file extension in ArcCatalog, click the Tools menu, click Options, Click the...
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lab4answer - Name:__________________________ Principles of...

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