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Lab 7 COGO - Name:_ Principles of GIS Lab 7 - Coordinate...

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Principles of GIS GISC 4043 Lab 7 - Coordinate Geometry (COGO) Lab Requirements: 1. Complete the following exercise. STEP 1: Download the „COGO‟ folder from Blackboard or copy it from the „R‟ drive to your “X” Drive if you are using the Terminal Server. STEP 2: When you „Add Data‟ use the ‘ connect to folder‟ icon to set your working directory (your personal drive or the X drive). 1. Start ArcMap and choose to open a new map. 2. Click the „Add Data‟ button and navigate to the „COGO‟ Personal Geodatabase that you copied to your X drive directory. a. Add the „COGO‟ Feature Dataset. b. The same 3 layers ( Buildings, Parcels and Roads) that you utilized in the Relationships exercise will appear. c. From the layer properties window of the Parcels layer select the „Display‟ tab; set the transparency to 50% . 3. Click the „Add Data‟ button again and navigate to the COGO folder. a. Add the file „fau.tif‟ . b. Maneuver this image in the Table of Contents so that it is beneath your vector layers 4. Save your Map Document inside your COGO folder. Name the Map “COGO.mxd” 5. Start an Edit Session a. If your Editor Toolbar is not displayed, click the Editor Toolbar button to display it. If you like, dock the Editor Toolbar to your ArcMap window. b. From the „Editor‟ menu, choose „Start Editing‟ . c. From the „Editor‟ menu, select „Options…‟ Select the „Units‟ tab in the „Editing Options‟ dialog. In the „Direction Type‟ drop down box, ensure that „Quadrant Bearing‟ is selected. In the „Direction Units‟ drop down box, ensure that „Degrees Minutes Seconds‟ is selected. Set the
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Lab 7 COGO - Name:_ Principles of GIS Lab 7 - Coordinate...

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