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lab 9 answers - 1.Define Select features by location...

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1.Define ‘Select features by location’. Selecting features not by their attribute value, but according to their spatial relationship to other features, whether in another layer or in the same layer. 2. Name the four types of spatial relationships that can be used to select a feature by location Distance, containment, intersection, and adjacency Question 3 1. When selecting by location, which selection method do you use when you want to create a new selected set? “Select features from” Question 4 1. Location and attribute queries can be used together to solve problems. Answer True False 1 points Question 5 1. What is the difference between a definition query and an attribute query? 2 points a definition query resembles an attribute query in that you write an expression to find features with particular attributes. The difference is that features satisfying an attribute query are selected, while features satisfying a definition query are displayed and the rest are hidden. Question 6 1. What is a dissolve? A dissolve creates a new layer in which all features in an input layer that have the same value for a specified attribute become a single feature. 1 points
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lab 9 answers - 1.Define Select features by location...

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