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Name:__________________________ Principles of GIS GISC 4043 Lab #10 – Creating Models Chapter 20: Page 537-572 Lab Requirements: 1. Complete Lab Exercises 20a, 20b, and 20c and save them as instructed in the book. 2. Answer the following questions. STEP 1: Copy Chapter 20 folders from the ‘R’ drive to your disk space. STEP 2: When you are browsing for the workspace in ArcCatalog, recall that it will be stored upon your storage device. e.g. X:\Chapter20. 1. According to the text, in what two ways is GIS often defined? (6) 1) A computerized system for creation, management, query, analysis, and display of spatial data 2) A decision support system, in which computer software is used to model spatial processes and to solve problems analytically 2. What is ModelBuilder? (3)
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Unformatted text preview: ModelBuilder is a graphic design tool for diagramming solutions to spatial analysis problems 3. How are elements of a process distinguished? (2) elements of a process are distinguished by their symbology 4. How are Input data, Tools, and Output data represented in a model? (6) Input data is represented by a blue oval Tools are represented by yellow rectangles Output data is represented by a green oval 5. Where are models stored? (3) In a use-created toolbox that can be stored in either Arc toolbox, in a geodatabase, or in its own created folder. 6. When building a model, how do you connect processes? (3) To connect processes, you draw connector lines between them with the Add Connection tool Item Possible Points Total Questions 25 File Management 5 /30...
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