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Psychology 2050, Perception Uris Auditorium Professor James Cutting, Fall, 2011 TR, 1:25-2:40 SYLLABUS Text : J. M. Wolfe et al, Office Hours : (in Uris Hall) 2009, 2 nd ed., Sutherland, MA: Sinauer J. Cutting, 270, M 9:45-11:15, jec7 Course Website: through Blackboard Adam Miller, B59, W 1:00-3:00 amm473 Extra credit: http://susan.psych.cornell.edu/ Reza Shahbazi, B95, W 3:00-5:00 rs689 Goals: To understand how our sensory systems sculpt our experience of the world around us. To understand how our senses differ and are similar. To understand methodologies and some statistical techniques used to assure us of how our senses work. To place the workings of the human body and its senses within an evolutionary context, and to understand how these developed both across species and within our own life spans. And to begin to come to grips with the duality of having both minds and brains. Week Lecture number and topic [Lectures will be recorded and placed on the Day Reading assignment course website as .mp3 files. Slides in .pdf and] Date .ppt format will appear there too] 0 R 25 Aug: 1. Doctrine of the specific qualities of nerves. no reading assignment.
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2050syl2011(1) - Psychology 2050, Perception Professor...

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