day07 - skin&pain - Psychology 2050 Perception...

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Psychology 2050 Perception 15 September 11 Day 07 SYLLABUS CHANGE Qualities; Primaries -- pressure, pain von Frey hairs Lateral inhibition two-point thresholds receptive felds center-surround organization 1. hormonal - endorphins, enkephalins 2. cognitive/cultural couvade 3. neuronal Gate Control Theory - Melzack Qualities; Primaries Initial research on touch sensitivities pressure pain (a lot of pressure) Von Frey, the Von Frey hair, and adaptations of it consistency, and difference Cold Fbers are actually more common, 15:1 to 30:1 blends ! evidence: not bad 1. mixtures o± secondaries ±rom primaries 2. physiological attunement (±or pressure --> next) 3. cultural salience (common language terms)
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1.5 to 3 square meters of it 1. epidermis papillary ridges -- on glabrous skin (most sensitive, most researched) Merkel disks, sustained touch, small 2. corium (dermis) Meissner's corpuscles, transient touch, rub RufFni endings, sustained touch, skin stretch 3. subcutaneous tissue (fat) Pacinian corpuscles, transient touch, light (or in corium) dermatomes vs. receptive Felds
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day07 - skin&pain - Psychology 2050 Perception...

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