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TA Information Jose M. Almodovar-Faria Email: [email protected] Office: NEB 458 Office Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:00-4:30pm Project - Groups of 3 students - Project topics in Sakai under “Resources\Project Information” 3. LANs/WLANs - DLL, LLC, MAC, Protocols - Routing Algorithms/Protocols - Topology Control - Cross-Layer Protocols/Architectures - PHY Implementations 1. Coding - Error Detection/Correction - Line Coding/Modulation 2. Internet - Transmission Control Protocol (TPC) - Addressing - Routing - Mobile IP
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Project (Cont.) - Choose a recent paper related to these topics - IEEE/ACM Conferences and Journals (2011) - No surveys - Come to office hours ready to discuss your ideas for the project - You will be using MATLAB - I will provide help/support - Proposal due on September 23 rd , 2011 - Topic - Paper reference (title, authors, conference/journal, date, pages) - Team members (include UFID) - Approach - 4 or more milestones and teammate responsible for each one - Describe your project work in at least 3 blocks and teammate responsible for each one - Upload your proposal with the selected paper as an attachment
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