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MATLAB Homework 1: Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) I. Problem Description The figure below shows a block diagram of a simple transmitter/receiver system. Write two MATLAB functions (transmitter and receiver) to model the CRC algorithm discussed in class (refer to “Error Detection and Correction”, slides 11-14). 1. Transmitter - **Use “transmitter_last-4-digits-UFID” as the name of this function, i.e. transmitter_1234(. ..) . - The input information I(x) is a stream of 16 bits. - G(x) is the CRC code. - The output is I Tx (x) which is the codeword obtained after the CRC processing. 2. Channel - This function is provided (channel.m). You may download it from Sakai. - It generates bit errors randomly. - The input is the transmitted codeword I Tx (x) . - The output I Rx (x) is the received codeword (i.e. I
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Unformatted text preview: Tx (x) with errors) 3. Receiver-**Use “receiver_last-4-digits-UFID” as the name of this function, i.e. receiver_1234(. ..) .-The input I Rx (x) is the transmitted codeword after the channel.-G(x) is the CRC code.-The output is R(x) which is the remainder obtained after the CRC processing. II. Report Write a short report (1 page) with the following: 1. Short description/explanation of your MATLAB code. 2. Table similar to the one below with at least 5 test cases (choose any 16-bit words for I(x) ). I(x) (16 bits) I Tx (x) I Rx (x) R(x) 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 3. Short discussion of what you learned including any ideas, findings, problems, and/or shortcomings you encountered while working on this homework....
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