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Unformatted text preview: e—Learning in End's-5.: _ Home Announcements Assignments Assessments Cabndar Chat Room Discussions Gradebook Gradebook 2 Lessons Mail Resources Site Info SyHabus Tests & Quizzes Student Help FAQ Help Logout My Workspace EEL5525: 1560, Fall 2011 EEL5544, All Sections: Fall 2011 EEL5718: 6152, Fall 2011 Assignments Assignment - In progress Complete the form, then choose the appropriate button at the bottom. Title FALL 2011 EEL5718 Project Proposal Due Sep 23, 2011 11:55 pm Status Not Started Grade Scale Points (max 100.0) Modified by instructor Sep 2, 2011 2:04 pm Instructions FALL 2011 EEL5718 Project Proposal Assignment Project Description This semeseter, the 5718 project is a performance analysis study. Each team is to critically evaluate a computer communications protocol in an IEEE or ACM research paper. The paper evaluation will be accomplished using Matlab. All information related to the project will be posted in Sakai in the "Resources" section, under the "Project Information" folder. Topic: 0 Choose one computer communications topic from the list of topics in the course schedule 0 Choose a recent (2011) research paper 0 Must be from an IEEE or ACM journal or conference 0 Must include a computer communications-based algorithm or protocol and numerical results in graphs/plots Teams: 0 The project will be carried out in teams of three (3) people only. 0 Teams of 2 or 4 people are not allowed. 0 Each team member will be responsible for a Matlab function block for the project. 0 Blocks are to be approved by the TA or instructor. Papers: Full text papers can be downloaded from an campus-connected computer from these sites: IEEE Explore (www.ieeexplore.ieee.org) or ACM Digital Library (http://portal.acm.org/dl.cfm). If vou are off-campus. vou can access these databases through the UF librarv J"' "'v "' """r"' J"' '"” """' v'v" "“"~""' """’o" -..- ~' "~"v; website: Go to: www.uflib.ufl.edu. Click on the left menu button called "Off-campus Access" Enter your gatorlink username and password on the left. Then, click on databases. For IEEE Explore, enter ieee as your search keyword. For ACM Digital Library, enter acm as your keyword. Click on the database name. Grading: 1. Proposal, due September 23 (worth 5% of final grade) 2. Progress Log (notes taken on the team's project progress), may be checked every two weeks (worth 5% of final grade) 3. Final Project Demo and Report, due December 15 (worth 20% of final grade) Project Proposal Instructions Answer the following questions 1) What is the selected topic (see the 5718 syllabus, class schedule, or posted project topic list)? 2) Provide a complete citation of the selected paper (paper title, authors, conf or journal title, date published, number of pages). 4) Upload a pdf file of the paper as an attachment 5) Who are the members of your project team? 6) What will be your approach? a) Provide a list of at least 4 milestones to be checked by the TA, and the name of the team mate who will be responsible for each milestone. b) Describe the three Matlab function blocks that you will need to write and implement to complete your project, and the name of the team mate who will be responsible for each function block. (This list may change as you learn more about Matlab and the paper.) Submission Assignment Text This assignment allows submissions using both the text box below and attached documents. Type your comments in the box below and use the Add Attachments button to include other documents. Save frequently while working. ##E 0 Gateway 0 The Sakai Project Powered by Sakai Copyright 2003-2010 The Sakai Foundation. All rights reserved. Portions of Sakai are copyrighted by other parties as described in the Acknowledgments screen. E-Learning (Sakai) - [r501] - Sakai 1.1.11-1.3.0 - Server sakaiapp-prod02.osg.ufl.edu ...
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