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UofP - MBA590 - Summary - Week Five - 01-21-06

UofP - MBA590 - Summary - Week Five - 01-21-06 - Week Five...

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Week Five Summary Scenario Two In regards to Scenarios Two, I found that my alternatives did stack up to their goals. Based on earlier discussions and subsequent information, I am confident that HK should continue with the initiative; however, seeking a company or “partner” that has experience e-book publishing (successfully, with proven results) would support their goals for competitive growth, credibility, and continuing as a going concern. Furthermore, alternatives—as compared to each goal—could be best assessed through a weighted-average scoring system of -2 to 2. Furthermore, having a weighted average scoring system would allow the user to create tier-two alternatives or a combination of several alternatives that “weigh” equally. Project Progress and Performance Measurement At my company, R & A CPAs, project progress and performance management are a combination of three products designed by Results Accountants’ Systems: (1) RAS Business Development System, (2) RAS Performance Measurement Program, and (3) Business Analysis and Planning System. R & A CPAs developed a fundamental proposition: “What you can MEASURE you can MANAGE…What gets MEASURED gets DONE!” “If we help our clients measure the right things they’ll start to manage the right things and do the right things. That will improve their business (and ours!)” R & A CPAs has a dual progress and performance measurement system. In other words, in order to create a sustainable increase in business value, R & A CPAs believes they must ultimately become
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involved in key performance indicators (KPI) monitoring, not only for themselves but also for existing and future clients. Basically, what are the things that the business must do to “get it right”? This requires that they know where the business is now, what the owners would like it to look like, what they want out of it, what process are critical to success, and how those process should operate. Furthermore, when measuring progress internally and externally, R & A CPAs created a modified “Balanced Scorecard.” R & A CPAs Balanced Scorecard provides a clear prescription as to what they and their clients should measure in order to balance the financial perspective in implementation and control of strategic plans to further business competition. With customer-defined quality, R & A CPAs strongly focuses on (1) employee empowerment, (2) self, business, and client improvements, (3) a scoring, measurement-based feedback tool that includes customer satisfaction and production- based chargeable hours, and (4) learning and growth perspectives for both R & A CPAs and clients. Effectiveness With project development, progress, and measurement system, R & A CPAs has tripled its audit and doubled its tax clients over the last three years. Employee satisfaction is extremely high and they continue to grow their business and financial perspective, as well as the client’s perspective.
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