MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 DQs

MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 DQs - MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 , DQ Thread...

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MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 , DQ Thread Please choose one question below, and start the answer with the company you have chosen. a. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Respond to the instructor’s Discussion Questions by [ 08/29/06 ] and (08/31/06) These will be discussed during Workshop One. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE DISCUSSION. (Please choose one for each workshop) REVLON (Make Up products) L’OREAL ( Hair Products) TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY (cars) GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY (cars) BOEING COMPANY (airplanes) AIRBUS COMPANY (airplanes) HILTON HOTELS (HOTELS) HOLIDAY INN (HOTELS) Please use the publisher’s chapter readings, attached link to chapter PowerPoint’s and UOP Library, to help research answers to weekly discussion questions, Also find articles from Business Publications such as Business Week or The Wall Street Journal. To research a company using Business Week Online, go to and click on “Search & Browse” on the left side of your computer screen. Using this Web site, you can search magazine and online articles, corporate snapshots, company profiles, industry profiles, annual reports, etc. You may want to review the Search Tips on this page. Remember to cite your sources. DISCUSSION QUESTION Be prepared to answer two of DQs1, DQ’s2 , DQ’s 3 or DQ’s4 in 1Main, for the continuation of Week One online . Respond to two of the DQs posted by your instructor with a minimum 350 word response and be sure to cite your references. Your initial response is due in the 1Main news group by the end of the day 08/29/06 Then, continue to respond to the class’ postings in the Main Newsgroup in a way that substantively furthers the discussion at least one more day during the week . . (Post to the Main Newsgroup by end of day 08/29/06 and 08/31/06). Week 1, DQ1 1. Has your company made any strategic decisions that have required or will require significant allocations of organizational resources, such as people, physical assets, or money (see Pearce and Robinson, p. 4)? Were these resources redirected from internal sources and/or secured from outside the firm? Page# 1
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MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 DQs - MBA580 Week 1 thru 5 , DQ Thread...

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