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Discussion Section Quiz (Feb 10/11) KEY (10pts) 1. (2pts – 1pt for answer, 1pt for punnett square) Neither Dan nor Jane has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an X-linked disorder. However, their first born son does have the disease. Jane is pregnant with a baby boy. What is the probability the baby will have muscular dystrophy (show Punnett Square)? 1/2. Since neither Dan nor Jane have MS, so far we know that Dan is X A Y and Jane X A X ? . We know that Jane must be X A X a because her first son has the disorder, X a Y and must have received the disease allele from his mother. The probability her baby boy will have the disorder is ½. (Since we already know it’s a boy we don’t need to calculate this – the probability it’s a boy is 1!) 2. (2pts) What is the only mechanism of evolution that consistently leads to adaptation? Natural selection 3. (2pts) Excessive hunting forced the elephant seal population to 20 individuals. After many years on the endangered species list, the population is now at 30,000. However,
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