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Quiz 2 Key - absorption with the environment The...

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Quiz #2 Discussion section – March 3/4 Name: _____________________________ Section:_________________ 1. (3pts) What are two features of protostome development? Any two of the following: spiral cell division during cleavage, determinate cell fate at the 8-cell stage, coelom forms by two mesoderm pouches on either side of the archenteron, mouth develops from blastopore and anus develops from second opening. 2. (3pts) What structural feature of the small intestine allows for maximum nutrient
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Unformatted text preview: absorption with the environment? The finger-like projections increase the surface area of the intestine for maximum absorption of nutrients, one of the primary functions of the small intestine. 3. (2pts) Where might pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium be found in the animal body? Mucous membranes – nasal passages, trachea 4. (2pts) Carbohydrates are first digested (broken down) in the _________. ( mouth )...
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