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Quiz 5 for Apr 28/29: Name: ______KEY________________ UTEID_______ Discussion Section:________ 1. (2pts) Please describe, in some detail, two examples of sexual selection in male animals. Possible answers: 1. Cranes: courtship dance, males put themselves on display, females are the audience 2. Fiddler Crab: ENORMOUS claw, inhibits eating, but used for courtship in competing for females 3. Bower Birds: Build an elaborate structure that the female inspects to decide if the male if “worthy” to mate with. 4. Elephant Seals: Biggest and strongest get to breed. The biggest and strongest get to pass their genes onto the next generation. They fight, sometimes to the death, for the female. 5. Zebras: Males challenge each other for the rate to a female harem. The young male zebras fight each other in preparation to fight off older stallions in order to breed. Stallions protect their female partners from other young males until the young males become strong enough to take the harem. 6. Digger Bees: Mating is the only social aspect of their lives.
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