Quiz 6 Key - A Toxic chemicals in the environment pose...

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BIO311D Quiz 6 for May 5 th /6th: KEY Name: __________________________ UTEID:_________DiscussionTime:________ 1. (2pts) Which of the following are important biotic factors that can affect the structure and organization of biological communities? A) precipitation, wind B) nutrient availability, soil pH C) predation, competition D) temperature, water 2. (2pts) Although extinction is a natural process, current extinctions are of concern to environmentalists because A) more animals than ever before are going extinct. B) most current extinctions are caused by introduced species. C) the rate of extinction is unusually high. D) current extinction is primarily affecting plant diversity. 3. (2pts) What is the single greatest threat to biodiversity? A) Overexploitation of commercially important species B) Introduces species that compete with prey on native species C) Pollution of Earth’s air, water and soil D) Habitat destruction or alteration 4. (2pts) Which of the following is a consequence of biological magnification?
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Unformatted text preview: A) Toxic chemicals in the environment pose greater risk to top-level predators than to primary consumers. B) Populations of top-level predators are generally smaller than populations of primary consumers. C) The biomass of producers in an ecosystem is generally higher than the biomass of primary consumers. D) The amount of biomass in the producer level of an ecosystem decreases if the producer turnover time increases. 5. (2pts) The graph shown at right displays the relationship between CO2 levels and temperature over a period of years. Discuss what you can conclude about temperature and CO2 levels over time from this graph. Do these data show whether CO2 causes global warming? Why or why not? The graph shows a positive correlation between CO2 levels and temperature (they both increase over time). However correlation is not causation and we cannot determine whether CO2 is the cause of the temperature increase over time from these data....
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Quiz 6 Key - A Toxic chemicals in the environment pose...

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