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HW1 Key - include any non-bonding lone-pairs and non-zero...

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Siegel-310M/318M-Summer2011 HW#1 1)ForthegivenchemicalformulasbelowprovidetheLewisstructures.Besureto indicateallnon-zeroformalchargesandnon-bondinglonepairsofelectronstoshow fullvalences.Provideyouranswerintheemptybox. (c)CHCl 3 (b)O 3 2)Giventhemolecularformulasbelow,convertthemtolinestructures.Besureto
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Unformatted text preview: include any non-bonding lone-pairs and non-zero formal charges (a) (CH 3 ) 3 CCO 2 H (c) CF 3 CH 2 OH (b) (CH 3 CH 2 ) 3 P (a) CH 2 O O O H P O F F F H C H Cl Cl Cl O O O O C H H...
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