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ANTH 1001 Feb. 19 Primates: Popular Images King Kong Television Curious George People don’t distinguish primates More than just monkeys have: apes and pricinium Primates aren’t just dumb animals; have natural intelligence; also emotional intelligence Have cognitive understanding A lot of stereotypes we have are wrong Chimpanzees- “trunk monkey”; small; cute- truth: very aggressive; rip faces off; very strong Primate Geographic Distribution Distributed in tropics; typically live in forested areas Very restricted to tropical regions Found fossils where apes previously lived such as Saharan Desert New World- - North America and South America Old World- - Africa, Asia, and Europe Primate Studies Earliest primate studies were
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Unformatted text preview: Descriptive [ 30s and 40s] • Observational ( long term) – going out long term observational studies-Diane Fossey- studies of Gorillas; because of her we understand what we understand of gorillas; she was weird -Jane Goodall-studied Chimpanzees; has whole institute • Theoretical- today has more of theory Taxonomy: Proposed Changes- traditional proposed differences…. . 1. Suborders change: 1. Proposed changes of suborders Old: Prosimii / Arthropoidea New: Strepsirrhini / Haplorrhini Moves Tarsiers; tarsiers classified with monkeys and apes 2. Reclassification of the Great Apes: Old: Ponigidae / Hominidae New: All Hominidae; different subfamilies and tribes...
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