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BIOL 1001Feb19 - Golgi apparatus • The Golgi apparatus...

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BIOL 1001 Feb.19 What are features of Prokaryotic cells? 1. Smaller, 0.1-5 micro m 2. No organelles 3. No nucleus 4. DNA in circular loop 5. Bacteria and Archaea What are the features of Eukaryotic Cells? 1. Larger 8—100 micro m 2. Membranous organelles 3. Nucleus 4. DNA in linear chromosomes Examples: Single celled protists, and Multi-celled animals, plants, and fungi Quiz: What is the difference between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell? C. Prokaryotes don’t have nucleus; eukaryotes do The Nucleus Nucleolus- DNA, RNA, other enzymes located Chromosomes Nuclear envelope Ribosomes: the site of protein synthesis Endoplasmic Reticulum: (ER): 1. Rough ER a. Contains ribosomes b. n\makes proteins and phospholipids c. synthesizes new membrane for ER 2. Smooth ER a. Involved in lipid synthesis, including phospholipids and cholesterol b. Synthesizes other lipids such as steroid hormones testosterone and estrogen Unit membrane Ribosomes Vesicle forming
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Unformatted text preview: Golgi apparatus • The Golgi apparatus chemically modifies and sorts molecules from the ER that will be secreted from the cell or used to construct various membrane structures • Material received from ER • Material destined for Export Lysosomes: the cell’s digestive system 1. Produced by Golgi apparatus 2. Vesicles containing hydrolytic enzymes – speeds up reaction 3. Digestive system of cell 4. Digest material engulfed by cell 5. Digest and recycle damaged organelles The flow of the membrane • Info comes from the DNA, RNA • ER • Destined for Golgi • Golgi • Destined for Export • Lysosome **** KNOW FIGURE 5-10 QUIZ: Cholesterol is synthesized by cells in the ER. Is it synthesized in the rough ER or the Smooth ER? Membrane proteins are also synthesized in the ER of a cell. Are they Synthesized in the rough ER or the smooth ER?...
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BIOL 1001Feb19 - Golgi apparatus • The Golgi apparatus...

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