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GEOG 1001 March 1, 2010 Russia: So What now? 2 key Economic Reforms Privatization - Selling of industries formerly owned and operated by the government to private companies or individuals (seeking efficiency) Lifting of Price Controls - Prices are no longer kept artificially low to keep goods affordable - Determined by supply and demand “Moscow and Russia are two different countries” Largest city in greater Europe Prices higher for goods than in most Russian cities Housing was state owned - 1950s, concrete blocks Real estate boom Income disparity
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Unformatted text preview: Help Wanted—“attractive female receptionist” • Soviet policy encouraged all women to work for wages outside the home • By 1970s, 90% full-time • Leninist theory that women should contribute fully to national development-Traditional attitude persisted-Result “double day” • Unlikely to hold senior supervisory positions • 2005, wom en workers averaged 36% less than m e n • Primary role of soviet wom en is do m estic • Late 1990s, 70 percent of registered unemployed were women...
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