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Study Guide Exam 2—Version 1 For this exam, I have tried to include page numbers when my lecture coincides with information in the textbook. Remember, not all of the material covered in lecture are found in the book. For those items, please refer to your class notes. Class notes/lecuture always trump textbook. Rely on notes first then use your textbook for clarification. Maps Questions Country identification France Belgium Spain Portugal Germany Netherlands United Kingdom Switzerland Monaco Italy Moldova Poland Russia Belarus Georgia Armenia Ukraine Physical Features Alps Mountains Pyrenees Mountains Apennine Mountains Ural Mountains Caspian Sea Mediterranean Sea Baltic Sea Black Sea Aral Sea Venn Diagram of the UK will be posted to Moodle Europe Four factors for Environmental Diversity European Lowland, Alpine Mountain System, Central Uplands, Western Highlands— shield landscape, fjords (pg. 335-336) Microstate-- what is it?: Vatican City, Monaco Population Indicators: What stage in the Demographic Transition Model, where is the
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Study_Guide_for_Geog_1001_Exam_2 - Study Guide Exam...

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