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Engineering_Research_Paper_Question_Answer_Form - in the...

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Title: Name: Authors: Engineering Research Paper Published in: Question–Answer Form What is your take-away message from this paper? What is the motivation for this work (both people problem and technical problem), and its distillation into a research question? Why doesn’t the people problem have a trivial solution? What are the previous solutions and why are they inadequate? What is the proposed solution (hypothesis, idea, design)? How does it represent an improvement? How is the solution achieved? What is the author’s evaluation of the solution? What logic, argument, evidence, artifacts (e.g., a proof-of-concept system), or experiments are presented in support of the idea?
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What is your analysis of the identiFed problem, idea and evaluation? Is this a good idea? What flaws do you perceive
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Unformatted text preview: in the work? What are the most interesting or controversial ideas? For work that has practical implications, ask whether this will work, who would want it, what it will take to give it to them, and when might it become a reality? • What are the paper’s contributions (author’s and your opinion)? Ideas, methods, software, experimental results, exper-imental techniques. ..? • What are future directions for this research (author’s and yours, perhaps driven by shortcomings or other critiques)? • What questions are you left with? What questions would you like to raise in an open discussion of the work (review interesting and controversial points, above)? What do you find difficult to understand? List as many as you can....
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Engineering_Research_Paper_Question_Answer_Form - in the...

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