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HW-5 - Turn in(2 pages maximum analysis report(electronic...

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University of Southern California CSCI 588 Specifications and Design of User Interface Software Assignment 5 (Individual) Task Analysis 1. Goal The goal of this assignment is to analyze a specific task (“Website Search”) and structure it within high-level task subtask hierarchy (using the Hierarchical Task Analysis method). While the assignment uses the simple task as example, you should always consider the same principles in your project design. 2. Assignment Read the Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) method and the examples (i.e. “clean house”, “make a cup of tea”) lectured in the class to produce a high-level hierarchical task analysis showing how you would find information on a website. Assume the website has a search facility as well as normal links. Use the textual hierarchy description and diagrammatic HTA representation for your analysis. 3. Turn-In
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Unformatted text preview: Turn in (2 pages maximum) analysis report (electronic copy) that should include following items: • The Textual Hierarchy Description. • The Diagrammatic HTA representation. 4. Example This is just an example (“clean house”) lectured in the class. Read details in the class notes. 1. Textual Hierarchy Description for task of “clean house”. 0. in order to clean the house 1. get the vacuum cleaner out 2. get the appropriate attachment 3. clean the rooms 3.1. clean the hall 3.2. clean the living rooms 3.3. clean the bedrooms 4. empty the dust bag 5. put vacuum cleaner and attachments away ... and plans Plan 0: do 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 in that order when the dust bag gets full do 4 Plan 3: do any of 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3 in any order depending on which rooms need cleaning 2. Diagrammatic HTA representation for task of “clean house”....
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