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StructureEvaluation - Structure Evaluation About Structure...

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Structure Evaluation Usability Techniques series Gerry Gaffney © 2001 Information & Design www.infodesign.com.au About Structure Evaluation Observing users attempt to find items in a program, web site, supermarket or other structured environment reveals considerable variation between individual search patterns. While you can use various techniques (such as card sorting) to develop such structures, the process is very dependent on opinion and educated guesswork. However, you can evaluate and refine structures using simple paper-based techniques. Structure evaluation: Is easy and cheap to conduct Enables you to evaluate whether users can find items Is flexible enough to accommodate ‘on-the-fly’ changes Does not require a working system, as it can be conducted entirely on paper Provides solid data you can use to refine the structure. When is Structure Evaluation appropriate? Structure evaluation is appropriate whenever you
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