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UsabilityReview - Conducting a Usability Review You should...

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Conducting a Usability Review Usability Techniques series Gerry Gaffney © 2000 Information & Design www.infodesign.com.au What is Usability Review? A Usability Review (more formally known as ‘Heuristic Evaluation’) is a technique for identifying usability issues. A Usability Review: Is cheaper to conduct than formal usability testing Can be completed in a very short period Can be conducted at any stage of the design. Usability Reviews are somewhat subjective, because no real users are involved. When is Usability Review appropriate? A Usability Review is particularly appropriate if an application has a large number of serious usability problems, or if an application is not sufficiently mature for usability testing with real users. In a hostile environment, a Usability Review is open to the accusation of being only one opinion against the opinion of others. In such circumstances, consider usability testing instead.
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